Graco Aire3 Click Connect Stroller Review

Graco Aire3 Click ConnectGraco Aire3 Click Connect Stroller is a beautiful lightweight stroller that is designed to make parents life easier. It weights 21 pounds (9.5 kg) which is pretty heavy (its weight is nearly the same as the weight of jogging strollers) if we consider that this is a lightweight stroller. This stroller works for children up to 50 pounds (22.6 kg) which is an average weight limit. This stroller dimensions are 24.1″W x 40.4″H x 36.9″L when unfolded and 24.2″W x 10.3″H x 34.3″L when folded. The regular price of this stroller is 179.99$, but you can buy it for 149$ on Amazon and for 176$ on Ebay. Beside its nice look, I like parent and child tray as well as adjustable foot rest and deep seat recline. Let’s find out what the key features are.

Price:4.7 Stars
Weight:4.2 Stars
Quality:4.2 Stars
Overall:4.3 Stars


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1. Huge Canopy

This stroller has large canopy with zippered extension panel that makes it even larger. The canopy has beautiful design and it has one of the best cover I have ever seen on lightweight stroller.

Graco Aire3 Canopy

2. Ventilation Window

There is a big zippered mesh ventilation window on the top of the canopy that provides nice airflow during the walk on hot summer day.

Graco Aire3 Ventilation Window

3. Large Peek-a-boo Window

As you can see in the picture above, there is a big mesh peek-a-boo window in the back of the canopy that allows you to keep your little angel in check at all times.

4. Padded Handle Bar

The stroller comes with foam padded handle bar that feels nice in your hands. The handle bar is located 41″ from the ground and it can not be adjusted.

Graco Aire3 Handle Bar

5. Parent Tray

As you can see in the picture above, Graco Aire3 Click connect has fabulous parent tray with 2 cup holders and a zippered pocket area in the middle that is big enough to hold your smartphone and wallet. Also there is a little mesh storage space on the pocket area where you can store lip gloss or keys. The tray has a maximum allowable weight of 3 pounds.

6. Roomy Seat

This stroller has nice and comfortable seat that is 13.5″ wide. The seat is padded with very nice fabric that is very easy to clean, it does not absorb liquid so you can be sure that there will not be any stains after cleaning. As I mentioned in introduction, the sat can handle a maximum weight of 50 pounds (22.6 kg) just like most other lightweight strollers on the market.

Graco Aire3 Seat

7. Multi Position Recline

The stroller comes with a multi-position seat that reclines almost completely flat and it even creates an infant carriage.  The angle for recline has a range from 61.9 to 17.7 degrees. The reclining process requires only one hand, you have to adjust the seat in position that you want with a strap and knob at the back of the stroller.

Graco Aire3 Multi Position

8. Adjustable Foot Rest

Adjustable foot rest is another great feature of this stroller. It is nicely padded with easy to clean material and it supports your child’s legs and feet for comfort.

Graco Aire3 Foot Rest

9. 5-point Harness

The Aire3 comes with excellent 5-point harness that has multiple shoulder height and crotch strap options to help find a good fit for baby. The release button is hard to open so you can be sure that your baby will be safe in the stroller.

Graco Aire3 Harness

10. Removable Child Tray

Graco Aire3 Click Connect includes removable child tray with a built-in cup holder to keep your little one hydrated during the walk. The child tray is also nicely padded and the cup holder can be removed from the tray for cleaning purposes.

Graco Aire3 Child Tray

11. Wheels

This stroller rolls on 4 plastic wheels (2 rear wheels and one pair of wheels in front) filled with foam. The foam inside the wheels guarantees that the wheels will never puncture or go flat. The swivel front wheels can be locked in place for easier maneuvering over some terrain. Graco Aire3 Click Connect is not an all-terrain stroller and it is not going very well on grass and gravel, but it goes perfectly on flat surfaces.

Graco Aire3 Wheels

12. Parking Brakes

The stroller has two single action parking brakes located on each rear wheel. You need to step on both brakes to lock the stroller. Brakes are very easy to set and release, and they are sandal foot friendly.

Graco Aire3 Click Connect Parking Brakes

13. Large Storage Basket

Graco Aire3 Click Connect has large storage basket with 10 pounds (4.5 kg) weight limit. You can easily store all essentials you carry in walk like blankets, diapers, toys and food in there.

Graco Aire3 Click Connect Basket

14. Car Seat Compatibility

The stroller is compatible with all Graco Click Connect infant car seats. You will not find any additional adapters for use with brands other than Graco.

Graco Aire3 Car Seat

15. Easy Fold

This stroller has a one handed fold that auto-locks, self-stands, and comes with a carry handle. To start folding process you need to pull fold strap that is located under the pocket on the seat. As I said in introduction, this stroller dimensions are 24.2″W x 10.3″H x 34.3″L when folded so it will fit almost any car trunk.

Graco Aire3 Fold Strap

Graco Aire3 Folded



1. No suspension system

This stroller does not have suspension system so it does not provide smooth ride on bumpy and uneven surfaces.


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Available colors:

Graco Aire3 Click Connect PiercePierce






Video Review:

Graco Stroller Comparison:


Stroller Weight

Seat Weight Limit 


Peek-a-boo Window

Seat Recline

Storage Basket

Car Seat Comaptibility

Graco Aire3 Click Connect

21 Ibs

50 Ibs




Graco Modes Sport 

24 Ibs

50 Ibs




What other parents say about this stroller:


“This stroller has everything we need and more without being very bulky like our previous uppababy, while still retaining all the necessary features like an expanding canopy, reclinability, storage space, cup holder, pocket, and most IMPORTANTLY 1 SECOND FOLD. Folding our old stroller was very frustrating.”


“Arrived quickly. The materials and functionality are better than expected for the price. Pleased with how easily it drives on paved road and paving bricks as well. The tires are soft plastic, but seem solid. I expect my son will outgrow before the wheels wear off. Putting the brake on before folding ensures an easy one-hand closure and carry to the trunk or wherever for storage. Folds small enough to allow it to fit in the back of a VW Golf V and still have room for groceries! Also it is light enough for use as a travel stroller.”


“Outstanding stroller!!!!! Purchased this stroller for our daughter. It’s literally one of the best single strollers we have ever purchased. It’s made of great material, stylish, safe, secure, affordable, easy to use. For our family, it perfect!!!!! I would highly recommend purchasing this item for your little:)”


Buy Graco Aire3 Click Connect Stroller on Amazon


Buy Graco Aire3 Click Connect Stroller on Ebay

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