Roan Rocco Classic Pram Stroller Review

Roan Rocco Classic Pram StrollerRoan Rocco Classic Pram Stroller is an all-terrain stroller that offers optimal features and modern style to use all year around. This stroller is ideal for parents planning to spent time outside with their baby and looking for the advantages of a classic pram and modern features. It is not everyone’s taste, but I think it looks amazing, classic and very eye catching. You will not have the same stroller as every other mom. The stroller comes with bassinet and separate reversible seat that can be installed facing forward or rearing direction. It weights 33 pounds (15 kg) and can handle a maximum weight of 40 pounds (18.1 kg). This stroller dimensions are 35″ x 24″ x 19″ when unfolded and 38″ x 24″ x 17″ when folded. Its regular price is 780$, but you can buy this beautiful stroller for 489$- 499.99$ (depends which color you choose) on Amazon and for 489.99$ on Ebay. Beside its beautiful design, I like the handle bar that can be adjusted and lot of additional items you get with this stroller for free. Let’s find out what the key features are.


Price:4.7 Stars
Weight:4.3 Stars
Quality:4.9 Stars
Overall:4.9 Stars


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1. 2-in-1

As I mentioned above, for 489$- 499.99$ (depends which color you choose) on Amazon and for 489.99$ on Ebay you will get Roan Rocco Classic Pram Stroller with both a bassinet and a seat unit included.

2. Medium Size Canopy

The stroller has medium size canopy with two panels which provides decent sun protection. The canopy can be installed on bassinet and also on seat unit.

Roan Rocco Canopy

3. Ventilation Window

In the back of the canopy, there is an adjustable hood with meshed ventilation window for hot days. To uncover the ventilation window, you need to unzip the hood and remove it.

Roan Rocco Ventilation Window

4. Adjustable Handle Bar

The stroller comes with adjustable handle bar that goes from 27.5″ up to 43″ from the ground. This ergonomic handle bar is covered with excellent quality rubber that looks very durable and should definitely last.

Roan Rocco Handle Bar

5. Roomy Bassinet

The bassinet is very softy and comfortable, and it offers plenty space. It is 14.7″ wide and 31.5″ long, and it allows baby to sleep on ideal flat surface. With bassinet you will get all-weather cover which protects and warms baby during the walk on cold days, softy mattress and removable side cover for bassinet.

Roan Rocco Bassinet

6. Bassinet Handles

As you can see in the picture above, the bassinet has handles which are placed in zipper pockets. They allow you to carry the bassinet when it is not attached on the stroller chassis.

7. Reversible Seat

The stroller comes with a seat that can be faced in both ways. I is very nice because as babies grow they want to see more and enjoy the ride observing. The seat is about 13″ wide and 18″ long (from seat to the canopy) so there is enough space for comfortable ride.

Roan Rocco Seat

8. Reclining Seat

The seat can be reclined to three different positions and it goes completely flat. To recline the seat, you need to pull the lever which is located in the back of the seat.

Roan Rocco Reclining Seat

9. Adjustable Foot Rest

The seat comes with adjustable foot rest that can also be adjusted to three different positions. It is attached to the fame of the seat and slides up and down so as your child grows you can slide it down to provide more leg room. Knee cover for seat is also included with this stroller. Amazing!!

10. 5-point Harness

The seat has 5-point harness (like most other strollers on the market) which is made of 100 % Polyester.

11. Large Metal Basket

Roan Rocco Classic Pram Stroller comes with the chassis that has large metal basket. The basket is ideal for shopping and for storing large items you carry in the walk like blankets, large baby toys etc. I do not recommend you to put small items in there because they could be easily lost.

Roan Rocco Basket

12. Parking Brake

As you can see in the picture above, there is a lever between rear wheels on which you need to step on to lock the stroller. The stroller has super strong foot brake, I guarantee you that the stroller will not go anywhere.

13. Wheels

The stroller rolls on large 4 air-filled tires (they keep the stroller very stable) and it is an all-terrain stroller so it provides smooth ride on both flat and uneven surfaces. Front wheels do not swivel which reduces maneuverability of the stroller.

Roan Rocco Wheels

14. Suspension System

This stroller has excellent suspension system that provides outstandingly smooth ride on uneven surfaces. It will handle bumps and broken sidewalk, dirt, grass, curbs, whatever. Your baby will barely feel anything and if it does feel it, it transfers into a gentle rocking that looks super soothing. You can use one hand to gently rock it back and forth or side to side.

15. Diaper Bag

With this stroller you will get diaper bag for free. It has the same color as the stroller and it is perfect for storing small items you carry in the walk or to store diapers. You can attach it on the handle bar which makes it even more practical.

Roan Rocco Diaper Bag

16. Rain and Mosquito Cover

Beside diaper bag, you will also get rain cover and a mosquito cover for free. Both covers can be easily stored in the diaper bag if you do not want to have diapers in there.

Roan Rocco Cover

17. Easy Fold

The stroller cannot be fold all the way with the bassinet attached, but you can fold it all the way with the seat attached. To fold the stroller you need to pull up both levers on frame (everything is explained in instructions you get with the stroller). As I mentioned in introduction, this stroller dimensions are 38″ x 24″ x 17″ when folded. Also, once folded it auto-locks and it is self-standing.

Roan Rocco Folded



1. Front Wheels do not Swivel

As I mentioned before, front wheels do not swivel which affects the maneuverability of the stroller.


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Available colors:

Roan Rocco CoffeeCoffee

Roan Rocco GraphiteGraphite

Roan Rocco MarineMarine

Roan Rocco PearlPearl

Roan Rocco SilverSilver

Roan Rocco RedRed

Video Review:

What other parents say about this stroller:


“Wonderful! Very high quality, very functional, perfect design! Every day we get compliments on modern “old-fashioned-style” stroller. It fully protects the baby from severe wind, cold weather, direct sun,100% comfortable for the baby. Don’t be afraid of the size! It is very easy to put in the car and take it out!! We really love it! Good job!”


“I love this pram stroller. There is nothing on the market that comes close to the quality and versatility. Although it’s not as portable as the other options on the market, it is superior to any of the strollers/prams I saw – and clearly a better deal. I am personally not a fan of having babies and/or toddlers strapped in passive seating units. The pram is absolutely wonderful for the baby – and I look forward to using the stroller where my child can be safely strapped in without looking like she’s harnessed in like the space shuttle. The customer service team is wonderful too – bonus!”


“This pram stroller is beautiful, the color (coffee) is really pretty. It took me a few months of research to decide on this one. This is exactly what I was looking for. IT took me about 30 min to figure out how to assemble and how all the parts work but i just couldn’t wait for hubby to get home to do it, did it by myself. the instructions are pretty good and a lot of it is common sense. this stroller has it all (the net, rain cover, matching diaper bag). Its sturdy, spacious, and very functional but…yes, its heavier and bigger than most strollers out there, not a problem for me. I can compare it to a “limo” of strollers,your baby will love it. The seller is quick to reply (contacted multiple times), extremely nice and helpful,quick to ship, pleasure to buy from. thank you, thank you.”

Buy Roan Rocco Classic Pram Stroller on Amazon


Buy Roan Rocco Classic Pram Stroller on Ebay

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2 Responses to “Roan Rocco Classic Pram Stroller Review”

  1. Gloria says:

    What is the lenght of the sleeping place in the bassinet and until what age a baby can sleep in bassinet?

    • Admin says:

      Hello Gloria,

      The internal length of the bassinet is about 31 in (800 mm) and internal width is about 14.5 in (375 mm).
      As usual baby can sleep in the bassinet till he/she will start to try sit on his/her own; this is about 9-10 months, but some baby will try to sit at 6-7-8 months. At this moment you switch to the seat. The seats back could be folded flat, so if your baby will fall asleep while riding in the seat you can unfold the back and he/she will sleep on nice flat surface.

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