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Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller Review

Baby Jogger City Select Double StrollerBaby Jogger City Select Double Stroller is the most versatile stroller in the market. It is an award-winning luxury stroller that became very popular because of its ability to transform from a single stroller into a double or even triple stroller. The stroller weights 34 pounds (15.4 kg) and it can handle a maximum weight of 90 pounds (40.8 kg), 45 pounds (20.4 kg) per seat. Its dimensions are 42″ x 26″ x 12.5″ and it costs 699.99$ on Amazon and around 600$ on Ebay. The price seem to be very high, but if we consider quality of this stroller, then it is a very good deal. Some features I like a lot are adjustable handle bar, a lot of storage, innovative parking brake and high quality and machine washable fabric.  Let’s find out what the key features are.

Price:4.3 Stars
Weight:4.3 Stars
Quality:4.9 Stars
Overall:4.6 Stars


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ZOE XL2 Deluxe Double Xtra Lightweight Stroller Review

zoe1ZOE XL2 Deluxe Double Xtra Lightweight Stroller is the absolute perfect stroller for travel and and big city use. It’s aluminum frame provides all of the long-lasting stability of other high-end strollers while helping keep the stroller extremely lightweight. This stroller weights only 16 pounds (7.2 kg) which makes it one of the most lightweight double stroller in the world, but it can still handle a maximum weight of 100 pounds (45.3 kg), 50 pounds (22.6 kg) per seat. Its dimensions are 29“ x 25“ x 7.5“ when unfolded and it costs only 249$ on Amazon and around 340$ on Ebay. Beside its price and quality, I really like the fact that the stroller comes with plenty of accessories like travel bag, two child cup holders, child snack holder, detachable belly bar etc...

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