ZOE XL2 Deluxe Double Xtra Lightweight Stroller Review

zoe1ZOE XL2 Deluxe Double Xtra Lightweight Stroller is the absolute perfect stroller for travel and and big city use. It’s aluminum frame provides all of the long-lasting stability of other high-end strollers while helping keep the stroller extremely lightweight. This stroller weights only 16 pounds (7.2 kg) which makes it one of the most lightweight double stroller in the world, but it can still handle a maximum weight of 100 pounds (45.3 kg), 50 pounds (22.6 kg) per seat. Its dimensions are 29“ x 25“ x 7.5“ when unfolded and it costs only 249$ on Amazon and around 340$ on Ebay. Beside its price and quality, I really like the fact that the stroller comes with plenty of accessories like travel bag, two child cup holders, child snack holder, detachable belly bar etc.  Let’s dive into what the key features are.

Price:5 Stars
Weight:5 Stars
Quality:4.9 Stars
Overall:5 Stars


Buy ZOE XL2 Deluxe Double Xtra Lightweight Stroller on Amazon


Buy ZOE XL2 Deluxe Double Xtra Lightweight Stroller on Ebay



1. Price

The stroller costs only 249$ on Amazon which is wonderful price for double stroller. There are many single strollers on the market which cost a lot more then this double one. Also, the stroller is made of high quality materials and it is one of the best double stroller on the market. In my opinion, this stroller worth every penny.

2. Extremely Lightweight 

This one of the lightest double stroller in the world, if not the lightest. It weights only 16 pounds (7.2 kg) which is even more lightweight then most single strollers on the market. For comparison sake, most double strollers are in the 25-30 pounds (11-13 kg) range.

3. Extendable Sunshade Canopy

The stroller comes with two extendable 4 panels sunshade canopies (each seat has its own canopy) which protect your child from sun and rain. Every canopy has a hidden zipper which holds an additional panel that covers down to the belly bar. I think that these are the biggest and the best canopies I have ever seen.

zoe 2

4. Peek-a-boo Windows

The stroller has two peek-a-boo windows with magnetic closure, one on the top of each canopy. Whenever you wonder what your little riders are doing, just take a look through peek-a-boo window.

5. Handle Bar

The handle bar for this stroller is made from durable foam material and it is placed 40.5″ from the ground which is great for tall parents. I think that if you are under 5’4″, you may find this stroller a bit to tall for you.

6. Storage Pockets

There are two storage pockets with velcro behind each seat where you can put some stuff you carry in the walk like your keys, sunglasses or mobile phone. Its very useful to have a quick access pocket on a stroller so that some stuff can be always within a reach.

zoe 3

7. Cup Holder

The stroller is equipped with removable cup holder so you can bring your favorite beverage with you wherever you and baby go. It is made of high quality plastic and bottle of water or cup of coffee will perfectly fit in there.

zoe 4

8. Child Cup Holders

This is one of the things I really like about this stroller. It is so nice to have two child cup holders on the stroller, each for one child where you can put fresh drinks for your little companions.

zoe 5

9. Child Snack Holder

This is great innovative and unique addition to the stroller which allows you to keep snacks near your children.

10. Adjustable seats

The stroller comes with adjustable seats that tilt up to 135 degrees. Also, they are made of quality easy to clean material and they come with additional seat pad which provides extra comfort for your babies. As I said before, each seat has a maximum weight limit of 50 pounds (22.6 kg) which is super generous for a double stroller.

11. Detachable Belly Bars

Another great feature on this stroller. Belly Bars provide extra security for your babies when you are in the walk. They are detachable so you can easily remove them when you do not need them.

zoe 6

12. 5-point Harness

The stroller comes with a padded 5-point harness system which keeps your child secure.

Zoe XL2 Harness

13. Lifetime Wheels Warranty

If your wheels break while you own this stroller, Zoe will fix or replace them. Wheels are parts of stroller that in most cases broke down first so this feature fascinated me. How great is that!!

14. Travel Bag

With this stroller you will get travel bag where you can store the stroller for easy transport. Usually you need to buy travel bag separately, but with this stroller it is included in price.

15. Wheels 

The stroller rolls on 4 hard rubber wheels. Front wheels are swivel for easy maneuverability and back wheels are lockable. Zoe XL2 is not made for all-terrain use so I advise you not to ride this stroller on grass and sand. On the other hand, it is strolling like a charm on flat surfaces.

zoe 7

16. Front Wheels Suspension

There is front wheels suspension system which ensure smoother ride on bumpy and uneven pavement. But, as I mentioned above, this is not all-terrain stroller so its not recommended to ride it over big bumps and on rough terrain.

zoe 8

17. Parking Brakes

There are two individual step-on brakes on each rear wheel. Also, there is one large lever which you can step on to lock both rear wheels. Locking the wheels is very easy, you can do it even with sandals (LOL).

18. Large Storage Basket

The stroller has one huge storage basket (instead two smaller ones) where you can keep you essential items like mobile phone, diapers, snacks, toys, water bottle etc. I like how the basket is easy accessible through all sides of the stroller.

19. Quick One-hand Fold

The stroller folds quick and very easy. All you need to do is pull up on the strap in the middle of the seat and the stroller folds up instantly, auto-locks and it is self-standing.

zoe 9



I did not find any cons for this stroller and if you ask me, this stroller is perfect double stroller.


Buy ZOE XL2 Deluxe Double Xtra Lightweight Stroller on Amazon


Buy ZOE XL2 Deluxe Double Xtra Lightweight Stroller on Ebay


Available Colors:






Zoe XL2 Eloise PlumEloise Plum





Zoe XL2 London NavyLondon Navy





Zoe XL2 OrangeOrange





Zoe XL2 RedRed





Zoe XL2 AquaAqua





Zoe XL2 Lime GreenLime Green





Zoe XL2 Noah GreyNoah Grey





Zoe XL2 YellowYellow






Video Review:

What other parents say about this stroller:



“This product is amazing i have a 2 year old and a 9 month old and this is a lifesaver. We went to the amusement park and i didnt have to worry about my daughter running around or when we go shopping she isnt hiding in the clothes, shes right in the stroller.”



“So far we love it. Lightweight, fairly durable, and folds up so easily. I don’t think it would do well on grass or other outdoor terrains, like the City Mini , but for walks and indoor use , it is awesome . Fits my Giant 11 month old and 2 year old comfortably. Highly recommend.”



“Love love love my new Zoe double stroller. I travel often and needed something lighter and much compact than my tandem stroller. This stroller is light, stylish, easy to assemble and use. My boys have a bit of a delay sitting so they slouch a little bit it on the chair, but should work out great very soon. Bonus it comes with a cover for storage.
Only thing is the harness straps are a bit hard to work; but that can only mean one thing and that is my twins can’t undo what I do which is great in the long run. 5 stars!”


Buy ZOE XL2 Deluxe Double Xtra Lightweight Stroller on Amazon


Buy ZOE XL2 Deluxe Double Xtra Lightweight Stroller on Ebay

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