How to Choose Triple Stroller for Infants and Toddlers?

With multiple births on the increase, triple strollers are the newest complement to contemporary households. Consider a twin stroller with an extra seat. They often feature three seats and a weight restriction of 50 kilograms (110 pounds).

Because of the additional seat, they are heavier and more difficult to manage than double or single strollers. If you have triplets, this is the best option for you. The chairs are usually divided by canopies, but the side-by-side configuration allows youngsters to socialize (if applicable).

These are not normally advised for sporty families due to their weight, but they are welcome for everyone who desires nothing more than a stroll in the park. Because of the components, some assembly may be necessary before venturing out to enjoy the wonders of the day. Large wheeler for big families, as they say!

What exactly is a Triple Stroller?

  • Designs for Tandem and Side by Side

A triple stroller, like a double stroller, may be designed to sit or carry newborns side by side or in tandem – one kid in front of the other. The triple type is designed to accommodate a newborn and two older babies, two newborns and a two-year-old, or three children of the same age, such as triplets. When the strollers are attached to one another, they are essentially separate strollers that have been fused or welded together as a single unit.

  • Horizontal Strollers Provide Greater Stability

It is typically simpler to maneuver a triple stroller through portals and entrances when the seats are positioned vertically, or one seat in front of the other. However, due to their horizontal shape, side-by-side strollers provide better stability.

  • Seats that recline and a car seat attachment

Whether the stroller seats are positioned horizontally or vertically, they normally recline, allowing parents to connect a car seat if desired. Canopies are also available on both side-by-side and tandem types to screen off the sun’s beams. A peek-a-boo window lets Mom or Dad keep an eye on their sleeping youngster.

Features of a triple stroller

Varied triple strollers will have different characteristics due to the various models and designs. The most generic models will often include the following characteristics:

  • Safety harnesses
  • Reclining seats (optionally detachable)
  • Shock-absorbing wheels (plastic or pump-up ones)
  • Design assisting child interaction (side-by-side)
  • Sturdiness and durability
  • Folding for storage in closets or car trunks
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Pedal brakes and automatic brakes for extra safety
  • Weight limit up to 110 pounds (50 kilograms)
  • Met all standards and requirements (JPMA or ASTM)
  • Other features concerning various models

Know What You’re Getting

Triple strollers are often simpler to manage over bumps than tandem strollers and are built to handle a car seat better as well. However, some triple designs can only accommodate one car seat. So, before you acquire a triple stroller, make sure you understand everything about it.

  • When folded for storage, triple strollers may be rather large.

The sort of triple stroller you pick will be determined by the weight of your children and the quantity of storage space available to you. As you may expect, certain triple stroller models can be very substantial when compacted and folded down.

  • Primary Benefits

Whether strollers are meant to carry one, two, or three persons, they always have the same basic characteristics. Triple strollers, for example, now have a safety harness, a storage basket (for formula, wipes, and diapers), a reclining, adjustable seat, retractable canopies, and car seat adaptation.

What You Should Look for in Maneuverability?

Strollers often include an adjustable handle for convenience of use and machine-washable textiles. When strollers are built of lightweight materials like aluminum, they are simpler to maneuver. All-terrain vehicles are also simpler to maneuver past entrances.

  • The Handbrake for Safety

Another important element is the presence of a safety handbrake. The brake regulates both backward and forward movements and may be used to disconnect the stroller if you need to come to a sudden halt. In addition to the handbrake, ensure sure the stroller has shock absorbers, which are essential for protecting infants from any knocks and bumps in the concrete.

  • Capacity for Weight

Another crucial factor is weight capacity; search for strollers that can handle 35 to 45 pounds for each seat, with priority given to the higher weight.

3 Best Triple Strollers

  • #1 – The Inglesina Domino Trip Triple Stroller

This inline (tandem) stroller has adjustable seats so that babies may sit or lay down facing each other, recline, or sit back to back. The stroller’s structure may accommodate carrier seats or a carriage-style bassinet.

However, the chairs will not recline at the same time. Because the Inglesina brand values safety, nothing is left to chance when it comes to safeguarding a newborn or older baby. While this high-quality stroller is not exactly inexpensive, you may get it on the secondary market for a reasonable price.

  • #2 – The Double Decker Stroller for Triplets

The Double Decker Stroller for Triplets includes a light but strong 22-pound frame that is designed to handle carrier-type seats from Graco and Evenflow. The tandem, inline stroller has stacked or stadium seats and can accommodate up to 100 pounds. You may use the stroller for quite some time since it is also built to accommodate toddlers.

  • #3 – The Mountain Buggy Urban Triple Stroller for Triplets

The Mountain Buggy Urban Triple Stroller is a New Zealand-made device with a side-by-side design that is suited for any terrain. This stroller is ideal for running or walking. If you come upon a bumpy patch of road or uneven terrain, you may lock the wheel into position. The stroller’s three cushioned seats completely recline to accommodate sleeping newborns and youngsters.

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